Function core::arch::wasm::i16x8_relaxed_laneselect

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pub fn i16x8_relaxed_laneselect(a: v128, b: v128, m: v128) -> v128
🔬This is a nightly-only experimental API. (stdarch_wasm_relaxed_simd #111196)
Available on target_family="wasm" and target feature relaxed-simd only.
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A relaxed version of v128_bitselect where this either behaves the same as v128_bitselect or the high bit of each lane m is inspected and the corresponding lane of a is chosen if the bit is 1 or the lane of b is chosen if it’s zero.

If the m mask’s lanes are either all-one or all-zero then this instruction is the same as v128_bitselect.