Function std::future::async_drop_in_place

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pub unsafe fn async_drop_in_place<T>(to_drop: *mut T) -> AsyncDropInPlace<T> 
where T: ?Sized,
🔬This is a nightly-only experimental API. (async_drop)
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Creates the asynchronous destructor of the pointed-to value.


Behavior is undefined if any of the following conditions are violated:

  • to_drop must be valid for both reads and writes.

  • to_drop must be properly aligned, even if T has size 0.

  • to_drop must be nonnull, even if T has size 0.

  • The value to_drop points to must be valid for async dropping, which may mean it must uphold additional invariants. These invariants depend on the type of the value being dropped. For instance, when dropping a Box, the box’s pointer to the heap must be valid.

  • While async_drop_in_place is executing or the returned async destructor is alive, the only way to access parts of to_drop is through the self: Pin<&mut Self> references supplied to the AsyncDrop::async_drop methods that async_drop_in_place or AsyncDropInPlace<T>::poll invokes. This usually means the returned future stores the to_drop pointer and user is required to guarantee that dropped value doesn’t move.