Trait rustc_span::SpanDecoder

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pub trait SpanDecoder: Decoder {
    // Required methods
    fn decode_span(&mut self) -> Span;
    fn decode_symbol(&mut self) -> Symbol;
    fn decode_expn_id(&mut self) -> ExpnId;
    fn decode_syntax_context(&mut self) -> SyntaxContext;
    fn decode_crate_num(&mut self) -> CrateNum;
    fn decode_def_index(&mut self) -> DefIndex;
    fn decode_def_id(&mut self) -> DefId;
    fn decode_attr_id(&mut self) -> AttrId;
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This trait is used to allow decoder specific encodings of certain types. It is similar to rustc_type_ir’s TyDecoder.

Required Methods§

Implementations on Foreign Types§


impl SpanDecoder for MemDecoder<'_>