Type Alias rustc_middle::ty::solve::inspect::CanonicalState

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pub type CanonicalState<I, T> = Canonical<I, State<I, T>>;

Aliased Type§

struct CanonicalState<I, T> {
    pub value: State<I, T>,
    pub max_universe: UniverseIndex,
    pub defining_opaque_types: <I as Interner>::DefiningOpaqueTypes,
    pub variables: <I as Interner>::CanonicalVars,


§value: State<I, T>§max_universe: UniverseIndex§defining_opaque_types: <I as Interner>::DefiningOpaqueTypes§variables: <I as Interner>::CanonicalVars


Note: Encountered an error during type layout; the type failed to be normalized.