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A UTF-8–encoded, growable string.

This module contains the String type, the ToString trait for converting to strings, and several error types that may result from working with Strings.


There are multiple ways to create a new String from a string literal:

let s = "Hello".to_string();

let s = String::from("world");
let s: String = "also this".into();

You can create a new String from an existing one by concatenating with +:

let s = "Hello".to_string();

let message = s + " world!";

If you have a vector of valid UTF-8 bytes, you can make a String out of it. You can do the reverse too.

let sparkle_heart = vec![240, 159, 146, 150];

// We know these bytes are valid, so we'll use `unwrap()`.
let sparkle_heart = String::from_utf8(sparkle_heart).unwrap();

assert_eq!("💖", sparkle_heart);

let bytes = sparkle_heart.into_bytes();

assert_eq!(bytes, [240, 159, 146, 150]);


  • A draining iterator for String.
  • A possible error value when converting a String from a UTF-8 byte vector.
  • A possible error value when converting a String from a UTF-16 byte slice.
  • A UTF-8–encoded, growable string.


  • A trait for converting a value to a String.

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