Function std::panic::always_abort

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pub fn always_abort()
🔬This is a nightly-only experimental API. (panic_always_abort #84438)
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Make all future panics abort directly without running the panic hook or unwinding.

There is no way to undo this; the effect lasts until the process exits or execs (or the equivalent).

§Use after fork

This function is particularly useful for calling after libc::fork. After fork, in a multithreaded program it is (on many platforms) not safe to call the allocator. It is also generally highly undesirable for an unwind to unwind past the fork, because that results in the unwind propagating to code that was only ever expecting to run in the parent.

panic::always_abort() helps avoid both of these. It directly avoids any further unwinding, and if there is a panic, the abort will occur without allocating provided that the arguments to panic can be formatted without allocating.


use std::panic;


let _ = panic::catch_unwind(|| {
    panic!("inside the catch");

// We will have aborted already, due to the panic.