A free importable items suggested in case of resolution failure.


FoundUse 🔒

Whether an existing place with an use item was found.

Instead 🔒

A suggestion has already been emitted, change the wording slightly to clarify that both are independent options.

IsPattern 🔒

Whether a binding is part of a pattern or an expression. Used for diagnostics.


Given a binding_span, return the span through to the comma or opening brace of the previous binding.

Given a use_span of a binding within a use statement, returns the highlighted span and if it is a nested use tree.

Given a binding_span of a binding within a use statement:

ordinalize 🔒

Convert the given number into the corresponding ordinal

Adjust the impl span so that just the impl keyword is taken by removing everything after < ("impl<T> Iterator for A<T> {}" -> "impl") and everything after the first whitespace ("impl Iterator for A" -> "impl").

When an entity with a given name is not available in scope, we search for entities with that name in all crates. This method allows outputting the results of this search in a programmer-friendly way

Type Definitions

Potential candidate for an undeclared or out-of-scope label - contains the ident of a similarly named label and whether or not it is reachable.

Res 🔒
Suggestion 🔒

A vector of spans and replacements, a message and applicability.