• A decoder that can read from the incremental compilation cache. It is similar to the one we use for crate metadata decoding in that it can rebase spans and eventually will also handle things that contain Ty instances.
  • An encoder that can write to the incremental compilation cache.
  • An EncodedSourceFileId is the same as a StableSourceFileId except that the source crate is represented as a StableCrateId instead of as a CrateNum. This way EncodedSourceFileId can be encoded and decoded without any additional context, i.e. with a simple opaque::Decoder (which is the only thing available when decoding the cache’s Footer.
  • Footer 🔒
  • Provides an interface to incremental compilation data cached from the previous compilation session. This data will eventually include the results of a few selected queries (like typeck and mir_optimized) and any side effects that have been emitted during a query.



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