pub trait DepContext: Copy {
    type DepKind: DepKind;

    fn with_stable_hashing_context<R>(
        f: impl FnOnce(StableHashingContext<'_>) -> R
    ) -> R; fn dep_graph(&self) -> &DepGraph<Self::DepKind>; fn profiler(&self) -> &SelfProfilerRef; fn sess(&self) -> &Session; fn dep_kind_info(&self, dep_node: Self::DepKind) -> &DepKindStruct<Self>; fn fingerprint_style(&self, kind: Self::DepKind) -> FingerprintStyle { ... } fn is_eval_always(&self, kind: Self::DepKind) -> bool { ... } fn try_force_from_dep_node(self, dep_node: DepNode<Self::DepKind>) -> bool { ... } fn try_load_from_on_disk_cache(self, dep_node: DepNode<Self::DepKind>) { ... } }

Required Associated Types§

Required Methods§

Create a hashing context for hashing new results.

Access the DepGraph.

Access the profiler.

Access the compiler session.

Provided Methods§

Return whether this kind always require evaluation.

Try to force a dep node to execute and see if it’s green.

Load data from the on-disk cache.