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The deref_into_dyn_supertrait lint is output whenever there is a use of the Deref implementation with a dyn SuperTrait type as Output.

These implementations will become shadowed when the trait_upcasting feature is stabilized. The deref functions will no longer be called implicitly, so there might be behavior change.



use core::ops::Deref;

trait A {}
trait B: A {}
impl<'a> Deref for dyn 'a + B {
    type Target = dyn A;
    fn deref(&self) -> &Self::Target {

fn take_a(_: &dyn A) { }

fn take_b(b: &dyn B) {



The dyn upcasting coercion feature adds new coercion rules, taking priority over certain other coercion rules, which will cause some behavior change.