Struct rustc_hir::definitions::Definitions[][src]

pub struct Definitions {
    table: DefPathTable,
    pub(crate) def_id_to_hir_id: IndexVec<LocalDefId, Option<HirId>>,
    pub(crate) hir_id_to_def_id: FxHashMap<HirId, LocalDefId>,
    expansions_that_defined: FxHashMap<LocalDefId, ExpnId>,
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The definition table containing node definitions. It holds the DefPathTable for LocalDefIds/DefPaths. It also stores mappings to convert LocalDefIds to/from HirIds.


table: DefPathTabledef_id_to_hir_id: IndexVec<LocalDefId, Option<HirId>>hir_id_to_def_id: FxHashMap<HirId, LocalDefId>

The reverse mapping of def_id_to_hir_id.

expansions_that_defined: FxHashMap<LocalDefId, ExpnId>

Item with a given LocalDefId was defined during macro expansion with ID ExpnId.


Gets the number of definitions.

Returns the path from the crate root to index. The root nodes are not included in the path (i.e., this will be an empty vector for the crate root). For an inlined item, this will be the path of the item in the external crate (but the path will begin with the path to the external crate).

Adds a root definition (no parent) and a few other reserved definitions.

Retrieves the root definition.

Adds a definition with a parent definition.

Initializes the LocalDefId to HirId mapping once it has been generated during AST to HIR lowering.

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