Type Alias rustc_infer::infer::canonical::Canonical

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pub type Canonical<'tcx, V> = Canonical<TyCtxt<'tcx>, V>;

Aliased Type§

struct Canonical<'tcx, V> {
    pub value: V,
    pub max_universe: UniverseIndex,
    pub defining_opaque_types: &'tcx RawList<(), LocalDefId>,
    pub variables: &'tcx RawList<(), CanonicalVarInfo<TyCtxt<'tcx>>>,


§value: V§max_universe: UniverseIndex§defining_opaque_types: &'tcx RawList<(), LocalDefId>§variables: &'tcx RawList<(), CanonicalVarInfo<TyCtxt<'tcx>>>

Trait Implementations§


impl<'tcx, V> CanonicalExt<'tcx, V> for Canonical<'tcx, V>


fn instantiate( &self, tcx: TyCtxt<'tcx>, var_values: &CanonicalVarValues<'tcx>, ) -> V
where V: TypeFoldable<TyCtxt<'tcx>>,

Instantiate the wrapped value, replacing each canonical value with the value given in var_values.


fn instantiate_projected<T>( &self, tcx: TyCtxt<'tcx>, var_values: &CanonicalVarValues<'tcx>, projection_fn: impl FnOnce(&V) -> T, ) -> T
where T: TypeFoldable<TyCtxt<'tcx>>,

Allows one to apply a instantiation to some subset of self.value. Invoke projection_fn with self.value to get a value V that is expressed in terms of the same canonical variables bound in self (usually this extracts from subset of self). Apply the instantiation var_values to this value V, replacing each of the canonical variables.


Note: Unable to compute type layout, possibly due to this type having generic parameters. Layout can only be computed for concrete, fully-instantiated types.