fn check_explicit_predicates<'tcx>(
    tcx: TyCtxt<'tcx>,
    def_id: DefId,
    args: &[GenericArg<'tcx>],
    required_predicates: &mut FxIndexMap<OutlivesPredicate<GenericArg<'tcx>, Region<'tcx>>, Span>,
    explicit_map: &mut ExplicitPredicatesMap<'tcx>,
    ignored_self_ty: Option<Ty<'tcx>>
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Check the explicit predicates declared on the type.


struct Outer<'a, T> {
    field: Inner<T>,

struct Inner<U> where U: 'static, U: Outer {
    // ...

Here, we should fetch the explicit predicates, which will give us U: 'static and U: Outer. The latter we can ignore, but we will want to process U: 'static, applying the instantiation as above.