Trait rustc_data_structures::graph::scc::Annotation

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pub trait Annotation: Debug + Copy {
    // Required methods
    fn merge_scc(self, other: Self) -> Self;
    fn merge_reached(self, other: Self) -> Self;

    // Provided methods
    fn update_scc(&mut self, other: Self) { ... }
    fn update_reachable(&mut self, other: Self) { ... }
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An annotation for an SCC. This can be a representative, the max/min element of the SCC, or all of the above.

Concretely, the both merge operations must commute, e.g. where merge is merge_scc and merge_reached: a.merge(b) == b.merge(a)

In general, what you want is probably always min/max according to some ordering, potentially with side constraints (min x such that P holds).

Required Methods§


fn merge_scc(self, other: Self) -> Self

Merge two existing annotations into one during path compression.o


fn merge_reached(self, other: Self) -> Self

Merge a successor into this annotation.

Provided Methods§


fn update_scc(&mut self, other: Self)


fn update_reachable(&mut self, other: Self)

Object Safety§

This trait is not object safe.

Implementations on Foreign Types§


impl Annotation for ()

The empty annotation, which does nothing.


fn merge_reached(self, _other: Self) -> Self


fn merge_scc(self, _other: Self) -> Self