fn build_slice_type_di_node<'ll, 'tcx>(
    cx: &CodegenCx<'ll, 'tcx>,
    slice_type: Ty<'tcx>,
    unique_type_id: UniqueTypeId<'tcx>
) -> DINodeCreationResult<'ll>
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Create debuginfo for [T] and str. These are unsized.

NOTE: We currently emit just emit the debuginfo for the element type here (i.e. T for slices and u8 for str), so that we end up with *const T for the data_ptr field of the corresponding fat-pointer debuginfo of &[T].

It would be preferable and more accurate if we emitted a DIArray of T without an upper bound instead. That is, LLVM already supports emitting debuginfo of arrays of unknown size. But GDB currently seems to end up in an infinite loop when confronted with such a type.

As a side effect of the current encoding every instance of a type like struct Foo { unsized_field: [u8] } will look like struct Foo { unsized_field: u8 } in debuginfo. If the length of the slice is zero, then accessing unsized_field in the debugger would result in an out-of-bounds access.