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Functions and types dealing with attributes and meta items.

FIXME(Centril): For now being, much of the logic is still in rustc_ast::attr. The goal is to move the definition of MetaItem and things that don’t need to be in syntax to this crate.


pub use IntType::*;
pub use ReprAttr::*;
pub use StabilityLevel::*;


builtin 🔒
Parsing and validation of builtin attributes


Represents the #[rustc_const_unstable] and #[rustc_const_stable] attributes.
Represents the #[rustc_default_body_unstable] attribute.
Represents the following attributes:



The version placeholder that recently stabilized features contain inside the since field of the #[stable] attribute.


Tests if a cfg-pattern matches the cfg set
Evaluate a cfg-like condition (with any and all), using eval to evaluate individual items.
Finds the deprecation attribute. None if none exists.
Parse #[repr(…)] forms.
Collects stability info from all stability attributes in attrs. Returns None if no stability attributes are found.
Returns an inner attribute with the given value and span.
Returns an outer attribute with the given value and span.