Function miri::shims::x86::mpsadbw

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fn mpsadbw<'tcx>(
    this: &mut MiriInterpCx<'tcx>,
    left: &OpTy<'tcx>,
    right: &OpTy<'tcx>,
    imm: &OpTy<'tcx>,
    dest: &MPlaceTy<'tcx>,
) -> InterpResult<'tcx, ()>
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Compute the sum of absolute differences of quadruplets of unsigned 8-bit integers in left and right, and store the 16-bit results in right. Quadruplets are selected from left and right with offsets specified in imm.

Each 128-bit chunk is treated independently (i.e., the value for the is i-th 128-bit chunk of dest is calculated with the i-th 128-bit chunks of left and right).