[][src]Function core::arch::wasm32::memory_atomic_wait64

pub unsafe fn memory_atomic_wait64(
    ptr: *mut i64,
    expression: i64,
    timeout_ns: i64
) -> i32
🔬 This is a nightly-only experimental API. (stdsimd #48556)
This is supported on WebAssembly only.

Corresponding intrinsic to wasm's memory.atomic.wait64 instruction

This function, when called, will block the current thread if the memory pointed to by ptr is equal to expression (performing this action atomically).

The argument timeout_ns is a maxinum number of nanoseconds the calling thread will be blocked for, if it blocks. If the timeout is negative then the calling thread will be blocked forever.

The calling thread can only be woken up with a call to the wake intrinsic once it has been blocked. Changing the memory behind ptr will not wake the thread once it's blocked.

Return value


This intrinsic is only available when the standard library itself is compiled with the atomics target feature. This version of the standard library is not obtainable via rustup, but rather will require the standard library to be compiled from source.