pub fn i8x16_relaxed_swizzle(a: v128, s: v128) -> v128
🔬This is a nightly-only experimental API. (stdarch_wasm_relaxed_simd #111196)
Available on target_family="wasm" and target feature relaxed-simd and WebAssembly only.
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A relaxed version of i8x16_swizzle(a, s) which selects lanes from a using indices in s.

Indices in the range [0,15] will select the i-th element of a. If the high bit of any element of s is set (meaning 128 or greater) then the corresponding output lane is guaranteed to be zero. Otherwise if the element of s is within the range [16,128) then the output lane is either 0 or a[s[i] % 16] depending on the implementation.