Clippy Test License: MIT OR Apache-2.0

A collection of lints to catch common mistakes and improve your Rust code.

There are over 700 lints included in this crate!

Lints are divided into categories, each with a default lint level. You can choose how much Clippy is supposed to annoy help you by changing the lint level by category.

CategoryDescriptionDefault level
clippy::allall lints that are on by default (correctness, suspicious, style, complexity, perf)warn/deny
clippy::correctnesscode that is outright wrong or uselessdeny
clippy::suspiciouscode that is most likely wrong or uselesswarn
clippy::complexitycode that does something simple but in a complex waywarn
clippy::perfcode that can be written to run fasterwarn
clippy::stylecode that should be written in a more idiomatic waywarn
clippy::pedanticlints which are rather strict or might have false positivesallow
clippy::nurserynew lints that are still under developmentallow
clippy::cargolints for the cargo manifestallow

More to come, please file an issue if you have ideas!

The lint list also contains "restriction lints", which are for things which are usually not considered "bad", but may be useful to turn on in specific cases. These should be used very selectively, if at all.