Trait std::os::windows::io::FromRawSocket

1.1.0 · source ·
pub trait FromRawSocket {
    // Required method
    unsafe fn from_raw_socket(sock: RawSocket) -> Self;
Available on Windows only.
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Creates I/O objects from raw sockets.

Required Methods§

1.1.0 · source

unsafe fn from_raw_socket(sock: RawSocket) -> Self

Constructs a new I/O object from the specified raw socket.

This function is typically used to consume ownership of the socket given, passing responsibility for closing the socket to the returned object. When used in this way, the returned object will take responsibility for closing it when the object goes out of scope.

However, consuming ownership is not strictly required. Use a From<OwnedSocket>::from implementation for an API which strictly consumes ownership.


The socket passed in must:

Object Safety§

This trait is not object safe.