Function std::env::split_paths

1.0.0 · source ·
pub fn split_paths<T: AsRef<OsStr> + ?Sized>(unparsed: &T) -> SplitPaths<'_> 
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Parses input according to platform conventions for the PATH environment variable.

Returns an iterator over the paths contained in unparsed. The iterator element type is PathBuf.

On most Unix platforms, the separator is : and on Windows it is ;. This also performs unquoting on Windows.

join_paths can be used to recombine elements.


This will panic on systems where there is no delimited PATH variable, such as UEFI.


use std::env;

let key = "PATH";
match env::var_os(key) {
    Some(paths) => {
        for path in env::split_paths(&paths) {
            println!("'{}'", path.display());
    None => println!("{key} is not defined in the environment.")