Module rustc_middle::ty::context

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Type context book-keeping.




  • This is used to get a reference to a GlobalCtxt if one is available.
  • Parameter attributes that can only be determined by examining the body of a function instead of just its signature.
  • The same as TyCtxtFeed, but does not contain a TyCtxt. Use this to pass around when you have a TyCtxt elsewhere. Just an optimization to save space and not store hundreds of TyCtxtFeed in the resolver.
  • This struct contains information regarding a free parameter region, either a ReEarlyParam or ReLateParam.
  • See TyCtxt for details about this type.
  • InternedInSet ๐Ÿ”’
  • The central data structure of the compiler. It stores references to the various arenas and also houses the results of the various compiler queries that have been performed. See the rustc dev guide for more details.
  • This struct should only be created by create_def.



  • A trait implemented for all X<'a> types that can be safely and efficiently converted to X<'tcx> as long as they are part of the provided TyCtxt<'tcx>. This can be done, for example, for Ty<'tcx> or GenericArgsRef<'tcx> by looking them up in their respective interners.


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