The tracking issue for this feature is: #81490

The native_link_modifiers_verbatim feature allows you to use the verbatim modifier.

+verbatim means that rustc itself won't add any target-specified library prefixes or suffixes (like lib or .a) to the library name, and will try its best to ask for the same thing from the linker.

For ld-like linkers rustc will use the -l:filename syntax (note the colon) when passing the library, so the linker won't add any prefixes or suffixes as well. See -l namespec in ld documentation for more details. For linkers not supporting any verbatim modifiers (e.g. link.exe or ld64) the library name will be passed as is.

The default for this modifier is -verbatim.

This RFC changes the behavior of raw-dylib linking kind specified by RFC 2627. The .dll suffix (or other target-specified suffixes for other targets) is now added automatically. If your DLL doesn't have the .dll suffix, it can be specified with +verbatim.