Module test::test

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🔬This is a nightly-only experimental API. (test)



  • MetricExperimental
  • MetricMapExperimental
  • OptionsExperimental
    Options for the test run defined by the caller (instead of CLI arguments). In case we want to add other options as well, just add them in this struct.
  • TestDescExperimental
  • TestDescAndFnExperimental
  • TestExecTimeExperimental
    The measured execution time of a unit test.
  • TestIdExperimental
  • TestOptsExperimental
  • TestTimeOptionsExperimental
    Structure with parameters for calculating test execution time.



  • parse_optsExperimental
    Parses command line arguments into test options. Returns None if help was requested (since we only show help message and don’t run tests), returns Some(Err(..)) if provided arguments are incorrect, otherwise creates a TestOpts object and returns it.