Tier: 3

SOLID embedded development platform by Kyoto Microcomputer Co., Ltd.

The target names follow this format: $ARCH-kmc-solid_$KERNEL-$ABI, where $ARCH specifies the target processor architecture, $KERNEL the base kernel, and $ABI the target ABI (optional). The following targets are currently defined:

Target nametarget_archtarget_vendortarget_os

Designated Developers


This target is cross-compiled. A platform-provided C compiler toolchain is required, though it can be substituted by GNU Arm Embedded Toolchain for the purpose of building Rust and functional binaries.


The target can be built by enabling it for a rustc build.

target = ["aarch64-kmc-solid_asp3"]

Make sure aarch64-kmc-elf-gcc is included in $PATH. Alternatively, you can use GNU Arm Embedded Toolchain by adding the following to config.toml:

cc = "arm-none-eabi-gcc"


This target can be cross-compiled from any hosts.


Currently there is no support to run the rustc test suite for this target.

Building Rust programs

Building executables is not supported yet.

If rustc has support for that target and the library artifacts are available, then Rust static libraries can be built for that target:

$ rustc --target aarch64-kmc-solid_asp3 your-code.rs --crate-type staticlib
$ ls libyour_code.a

On Rust Nightly it's possible to build without the target artifacts available:

cargo build -Z build-std --target aarch64-kmc-solid_asp3