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Targets the ARMv4T, with code as t32 code by default.

Primarily of use for the GBA, but usable with other devices too.

Please ping @Lokathor if changes are needed.

This target profile assumes that you have the ARM binutils in your path (specifically the linker, arm-none-eabi-ld). They can be obtained for free for all major OSes from the ARM developer’s website, and they may also be available in your system’s package manager. Unfortunately, the standard linker that Rust uses (lld) only supports as far back as ARMv5TE, so we must use the GNU ld linker.

Important: This target profile does not specify a linker script. You just get the default link script when you build a binary for this target. The default link script is very likely wrong, so you should use -Clink-arg=-Tmy_script.ld to override that with a correct linker script.