pub trait FallibleTypeFolder<'tcx>: Sized {
    type Error;

    fn tcx<'a>(&'a self) -> TyCtxt<'tcx>;

    fn try_fold_binder<T>(
        &mut self,
        t: Binder<'tcx, T>
    ) -> Result<Binder<'tcx, T>, Self::Error>
        T: TypeFoldable<'tcx>
, { ... } fn try_fold_ty(&mut self, t: Ty<'tcx>) -> Result<Ty<'tcx>, Self::Error> { ... } fn try_fold_region(
        &mut self,
        r: Region<'tcx>
    ) -> Result<Region<'tcx>, Self::Error> { ... } fn try_fold_const(
        &mut self,
        c: Const<'tcx>
    ) -> Result<Const<'tcx>, Self::Error> { ... } fn try_fold_predicate(
        &mut self,
        p: Predicate<'tcx>
    ) -> Result<Predicate<'tcx>, Self::Error> { ... } }
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This trait is implemented for every folding traversal. There is a fold method defined for every type of interest. Each such method has a default that does an “identity” fold.

A blanket implementation of this trait (that defers to the relevant method of TypeFolder) is provided for all infallible folders in order to ensure the two APIs are coherent.

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