pub static UNREACHABLE_PUB: &Lint
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The unreachable_pub lint triggers for pub items not reachable from the crate root.


mod foo {
    pub mod bar {




The pub keyword both expresses an intent for an item to be publicly available, and also signals to the compiler to make the item publicly accessible. The intent can only be satisfied, however, if all items which contain this item are also publicly accessible. Thus, this lint serves to identify situations where the intent does not match the reality.

If you wish the item to be accessible elsewhere within the crate, but not outside it, the pub(crate) visibility is recommended to be used instead. This more clearly expresses the intent that the item is only visible within its own crate.

This lint is “allow” by default because it will trigger for a large amount existing Rust code, and has some false-positives. Eventually it is desired for this to become warn-by-default.