pub static LATE_BOUND_LIFETIME_ARGUMENTS: &'static Lint
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The late_bound_lifetime_arguments lint detects generic lifetime arguments in path segments with late bound lifetime parameters.


struct S;

impl S {
    fn late(self, _: &u8, _: &u8) {}

fn main() {
    S.late::<'static>(&0, &0);



It is not clear how to provide arguments for early-bound lifetime parameters if they are intermixed with late-bound parameters in the same list. For now, providing any explicit arguments will trigger this lint if late-bound parameters are present, so in the future a solution can be adopted without hitting backward compatibility issues. This is a future-incompatible lint to transition this to a hard error in the future. See issue #42868 for more details, along with a description of the difference between early and late-bound parameters.