pub trait EmissionGuarantee: Sized {
    type EmitResult = Self;

    // Required method
    fn emit_producing_guarantee(
        db: DiagnosticBuilder<'_, Self>
    ) -> Self::EmitResult;
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Trait for types that DiagnosticBuilder::emit can return as a “guarantee” (or “proof”) token that the emission happened.

Provided Associated Types§


type EmitResult = Self

This exists so that bugs and fatal errors can both result in ! (an abort) when emitted, but have different aborting behaviour.

Required Methods§


fn emit_producing_guarantee(db: DiagnosticBuilder<'_, Self>) -> Self::EmitResult

Implementation of DiagnosticBuilder::emit, fully controlled by each impl of EmissionGuarantee, to make it impossible to create a value of Self::EmitResult without actually performing the emission.

Object Safety§

This trait is not object safe.

Implementations on Foreign Types§


impl EmissionGuarantee for ()