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The wasm32-wasip1 target is a WebAssembly compilation target which assumes that the [WASIp1] (aka "WASI preview1") set of "syscalls" are available for use in the standard library. Historically this target in the Rust compiler was one of the first for WebAssembly where Rust and C code are explicitly intended to interoperate as well.

There's a bit of history to the target and current development which is also worth explaining before going much further. Historically this target was originally called wasm32-wasi in both rustc and Clang. This was first added to Rust in 2019. In the intervening years leading up to 2024 the WASI standard continued to be developed and was eventually "rebased" on top of the Component Model. This was a large change to the WASI specification and was released as 0.2.0 ("WASIp2" colloquially) in January 2024. The previous target's name in rustc, wasm32-wasi, was then renamed to wasm32-wasip1, to avoid confusion with this new target to be added to rustc as wasm32-wasip2. Some more context can be found in these MCPs:

At this point the wasm32-wasip1 target is intended for historical compatibility with the first version of the WASI standard. As of now (January 2024) the 0.2.0 target of WASI ("WASIp2") is relatively new. The state of WASI will likely change in few years after which point this documentation will probably receive another update.

Today the wasm32-wasip1 target will generate core WebAssembly modules which will import functions from the wasi_snapshot_preview1 module for OS-related functionality (e.g. printing).

Target maintainers

When this target was added to the compiler platform-specific documentation here was not maintained at that time. This means that the list below is not exhaustive and there are more interested parties in this target. That being said since when this document was last updated those interested in maintaining this target are:

  • Alex Crichton, https://github.com/alexcrichton


This target is cross-compiled. The target includes support for std itself, but not all of the standard library works. For example spawning a thread will always return an error (see the wasm32-wasip1-threads target for example). Another example is that spawning a process will always return an error. Operations such as opening a file, however, will be implemented by calling WASI-defined APIs.

The WASI targets for Rust are explicitly intended to interoperate with other languages compiled to WebAssembly, for example C/C++. Any ABI differences or mismatches are considered bugs that need to be fixed.

By default the WASI targets in Rust ship in rustup with a precompiled copy of wasi-libc meaning that a WebAssembly-targeting-Clang is not required to use the WASI targets from Rust. If there is no actual interoperation with C then rustup target add wasm32-wasip1 is all that's needed to get started with WASI.

Note that this behavior can be controlled with -Clinker and -Clink-self-contained, however. By specifying clang as a linker and disabling the link-self-contained option an external version of libc.a can be used instead.

Building the target

To build this target first acquire a copy of wasi-sdk. At this time version 22 is the minimum needed.

Next configure the WASI_SDK_PATH environment variable to point to where this is installed. For example:

export WASI_SDK_PATH=/path/to/wasi-sdk-22.0

Next be sure to enable LLD when building Rust from source as LLVM's wasm-ld driver for LLD is required when linking WebAssembly code together. Rust's build system will automatically pick up any necessary binaries and programs from WASI_SDK_PATH.

Building Rust programs

The wasm32-wasip1 target is shipped with rustup so users can install the target with:

rustup target add wasm32-wasip1

Note: the wasm32-wasip1 target is new and may only be available on nightly by the time you're reading this. If wasm32-wasip1 isn't available on stable Rust then wasm32-wasi should be available instead.

Rust programs can be built for that target:

rustc --target wasm32-wasip1 your-code.rs


This target can be cross-compiled from any hosts.


This target is tested in rust-lang/rust CI on all merges. A subset of tests are run in the test-various builder such as the UI tests and libcore tests. This can be tested locally, for example, with:

./x.py test --target wasm32-wasip1 tests/ui