The tracking issue for this feature is: #111540.

When the --remap-path-prefix option is passed to rustc, source path prefixes in all output will be affected by default. The --remap-path-scope argument can be used in conjunction with --remap-path-prefix to determine paths in which output context should be affected. This flag accepts a comma-separated list of values and may be specified multiple times, in which case the scopes are aggregated together. The valid scopes are:

  • macro - apply remappings to the expansion of std::file!() macro. This is where paths in embedded panic messages come from
  • diagnostics - apply remappings to printed compiler diagnostics
  • debuginfo - apply remappings to debug informations
  • object - apply remappings to all paths in compiled executables or libraries, but not elsewhere. Currently an alias for macro,debuginfo.
  • all - an alias for all of the above, also equivalent to supplying only --remap-path-prefix without --remap-path-scope.


# This would produce an absolute path to in build outputs of
# "./".
rustc --remap-path-prefix=$(PWD)=/remapped -Zremap-path-scope=object