[][src]Trait rustc_target::abi::LayoutOf

pub trait LayoutOf {
    type Ty;
    type TyAndLayout;
    pub fn layout_of(&self, ty: Self::Ty) -> Self::TyAndLayout;

    pub fn spanned_layout_of(
        ty: Self::Ty,
        _span: Span
    ) -> Self::TyAndLayout { ... } }

Trait for context types that can compute layouts of things.

Associated Types

type Ty[src]

type TyAndLayout[src]

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Required methods

pub fn layout_of(&self, ty: Self::Ty) -> Self::TyAndLayout[src]

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Provided methods

pub fn spanned_layout_of(&self, ty: Self::Ty, _span: Span) -> Self::TyAndLayout[src]

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