[][src]Struct rustc_session::lint::Lint

pub struct Lint {
    pub name: &'static str,
    pub default_level: Level,
    pub desc: &'static str,
    pub edition_lint_opts: Option<(Edition, Level)>,
    pub report_in_external_macro: bool,
    pub future_incompatible: Option<FutureIncompatibleInfo>,
    pub is_plugin: bool,
    pub feature_gate: Option<Symbol>,
    pub crate_level_only: bool,

Specification of a single lint.


name: &'static str

A string identifier for the lint.

This identifies the lint in attributes and in command-line arguments. In those contexts it is always lowercase, but this field is compared in a way which is case-insensitive for ASCII characters. This allows declare_lint!() invocations to follow the convention of upper-case statics without repeating the name.

The name is written with underscores, e.g., "unused_imports". On the command line, underscores become dashes.

See https://rustc-dev-guide.rust-lang.org/diagnostics.html#lint-naming for naming guidelines.

default_level: Level

Default level for the lint.

See https://rustc-dev-guide.rust-lang.org/diagnostics.html#diagnostic-levels for guidelines on choosing a default level.

desc: &'static str

Description of the lint or the issue it detects.

e.g., "imports that are never used"

edition_lint_opts: Option<(Edition, Level)>

Starting at the given edition, default to the given lint level. If this is None, then use default_level.

report_in_external_macro: bool

true if this lint is reported even inside expansions of external macros.

future_incompatible: Option<FutureIncompatibleInfo>is_plugin: boolfeature_gate: Option<Symbol>

Some if this lint is feature gated, otherwise None.

crate_level_only: bool


impl Lint[src]

pub const fn default_fields_for_macro() -> Self[src]

pub fn name_lower(&self) -> String[src]

Gets the lint's name, with ASCII letters converted to lowercase.

pub fn default_level(&self, edition: Edition) -> Level[src]

Trait Implementations

impl Clone for Lint[src]

impl Copy for Lint[src]

impl Debug for Lint[src]

impl From<&'static Lint> for DiagnosticMessageId[src]

Auto Trait Implementations

impl RefUnwindSafe for Lint

impl Send for Lint

impl Sync for Lint

impl Unpin for Lint

impl UnwindSafe for Lint

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