pub enum IncrCompSession {
    Active {
        session_directory: PathBuf,
        lock_file: Lock,
        load_dep_graph: bool,
    Finalized {
        session_directory: PathBuf,
    InvalidBecauseOfErrors {
        session_directory: PathBuf,
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Holds data on the current incremental compilation session, if there is one.



This is the state the session will be in until the incr. comp. dir is needed.



session_directory: PathBuf
lock_file: Lock
load_dep_graph: bool

This is the state during which the session directory is private and can be modified.



session_directory: PathBuf

This is the state after the session directory has been finalized. In this state, the contents of the directory must not be modified any more.



session_directory: PathBuf

This is an error state that is reached when some compilation error has occurred. It indicates that the contents of the session directory must not be used, since they might be invalid.

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Size: 32 bytes

Size for each variant:

  • NotInitialized: 0 bytes
  • Active: 31 bytes
  • Finalized: 31 bytes
  • InvalidBecauseOfErrors: 31 bytes