Struct rustc_resolve::late::DiagnosticMetadata[][src]

struct DiagnosticMetadata<'ast> {
Show 13 fields current_trait_assoc_items: Option<&'ast [P<AssocItem>]>, current_self_type: Option<Ty>, current_self_item: Option<NodeId>, current_item: Option<&'ast Item>, currently_processing_generics: bool, current_function: Option<(FnKind<'ast>, Span)>, unused_labels: FxHashMap<NodeId, Span>, current_type_ascription: Vec<Span>, current_block_could_be_bare_struct_literal: Option<Span>, current_let_binding: Option<(Span, Option<Span>, Option<Span>)>, in_if_condition: Option<&'ast Expr>, current_trait_object: Option<&'ast [GenericBound]>, current_where_predicate: Option<&'ast WherePredicate>,


current_trait_assoc_items: Option<&'ast [P<AssocItem>]>

The current trait’s associated items’ ident, used for diagnostic suggestions.

current_self_type: Option<Ty>

The current self type if inside an impl (used for better errors).

current_self_item: Option<NodeId>

The current self item if inside an ADT (used for better errors).

current_item: Option<&'ast Item>

The current trait (used to suggest).

currently_processing_generics: bool

When processing generics and encountering a type not found, suggest introducing a type param.

current_function: Option<(FnKind<'ast>, Span)>

The current enclosing (non-closure) function (used for better errors).

unused_labels: FxHashMap<NodeId, Span>

A list of labels as of yet unused. Labels will be removed from this map when they are used (in a break or continue statement)

current_type_ascription: Vec<Span>

Only used for better errors on fn(): fn().

current_block_could_be_bare_struct_literal: Option<Span>

Only used for better errors on let x = { foo: bar };. In the case of a parse error with let x = { foo: bar, };, this isn’t needed, it’s only needed for cases where this parses as a correct type ascription.

current_let_binding: Option<(Span, Option<Span>, Option<Span>)>

Only used for better errors on let <pat>: <expr, not type>;.

in_if_condition: Option<&'ast Expr>

Used to detect possible if let written without let and to provide structured suggestion.

current_trait_object: Option<&'ast [GenericBound]>

If we are currently in a trait object definition. Used to point at the bounds when encountering a struct or enum.

current_where_predicate: Option<&'ast WherePredicate>

Given where <T as Bar>::Baz: String, suggest where T: Bar<Baz = String>.

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Performs the conversion.

The type returned in the event of a conversion error.

Performs the conversion.


Note: Most layout information is completely unstable and may even differ between compilations. The only exception is types with certain repr(...) attributes. Please see the Rust Reference’s “Type Layout” chapter for details on type layout guarantees.

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