Struct rustc_resolve::imports::Import[][src]

pub(crate) struct Import<'a> {
Show 13 fields pub kind: ImportKind<'a>, pub id: NodeId, pub root_id: NodeId, pub use_span: Span, pub use_span_with_attributes: Span, pub has_attributes: bool, pub span: Span, pub root_span: Span, pub parent_scope: ParentScope<'a>, pub module_path: Vec<Segment>, pub imported_module: Cell<Option<ModuleOrUniformRoot<'a>>>, pub vis: Cell<Visibility>, pub used: Cell<bool>,
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One import.


kind: ImportKind<'a>id: NodeId

The ID of the extern crate, UseTree etc that imported this Import.

In the case where the Import was expanded from a “nested” use tree, this id is the ID of the leaf tree. For example:

use foo::bar::{a, b}

If this is the import for foo::bar::a, we would have the ID of the UseTree for a in this field.

root_id: NodeId

The id of the “root” use-kind – this is always the same as id except in the case of “nested” use trees, in which case it will be the id of the root use tree. e.g., in the example from id, this would be the ID of the use foo::bar UseTree node.

use_span: Span

Span of the entire use statement.

use_span_with_attributes: Span

Span of the entire use statement with attributes.

has_attributes: bool

Did the use statement have any attributes?

span: Span

Span of this use tree.

root_span: Span

Span of the root use tree (see root_id).

parent_scope: ParentScope<'a>module_path: Vec<Segment>imported_module: Cell<Option<ModuleOrUniformRoot<'a>>>

The resolution of module_path.

vis: Cell<Visibility>used: Cell<bool>


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