Module rustc_query_system::query

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  • caches 🔒
  • config 🔒
    Query configuration and description traits.
  • job 🔒
  • plumbing 🔒
    The implementation of the query system itself. This defines the macros that generate the actual methods on tcx which find and execute the provider, manage the caches, and so forth.





  • Detects query cycles by using depth first search over all active query jobs. If a query cycle is found it will break the cycle by finding an edge which uses a query latch and then resuming that waiter. There may be multiple cycles involved in a deadlock, so this searches all active queries for cycles before finally resuming all the waiters at once.
  • Checks if the query is already computed and in the cache. It returns the shard index and a lock guard to the shard, which will be used if the query is not in the cache and we need to compute it.

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