Trait rustc_query_system::dep_graph::DepKind[][src]

pub trait DepKind: Copy + Debug + Eq + Hash + Send + Encodable<FileEncoder> + 'static {
    const NULL: Self;

    fn is_eval_always(&self) -> bool;
fn has_params(&self) -> bool;
fn debug_node(node: &DepNode<Self>, f: &mut Formatter<'_>) -> Result;
fn with_deps<OP, R>(deps: Option<&Lock<TaskDeps<Self>>>, op: OP) -> R
        OP: FnOnce() -> R
fn read_deps<OP>(op: OP)
        OP: for<'a> FnOnce(Option<&'a Lock<TaskDeps<Self>>>)
fn fingerprint_style(&self) -> FingerprintStyle; }
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Describe the different families of dependency nodes.

Associated Constants

Required methods

Return whether this kind always require evaluation.

Return whether this kind requires additional parameters to be executed.

Implementation of std::fmt::Debug for DepNode.

Execute the operation with provided dependencies.

Access dependencies from current implicit context.