Enum rustc_mir_build::thir::pattern::usefulness::Usefulness[][src]

enum Usefulness<'p, 'tcx> {
    NoWitnesses {
        useful: bool,
    WithWitnesses(Vec<Witness<'p, 'tcx>>),
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This carries the results of computing usefulness, as described at the top of the file. When checking usefulness of a match branch, we use the NoWitnesses variant, which also keeps track of potential unreachable sub-patterns (in the presence of or-patterns). When checking exhaustiveness of a whole match, we use the WithWitnesses variant, which carries a list of witnesses of non-exhaustiveness when there are any. Which variant to use is dictated by ArmType.



If we don’t care about witnesses, simply remember if the pattern was useful.

Fields of NoWitnesses

useful: bool
WithWitnesses(Vec<Witness<'p, 'tcx>>)

Carries a list of witnesses of non-exhaustiveness. If empty, indicates that the whole pattern is unreachable.

Tuple Fields of WithWitnesses

0: Vec<Witness<'p, 'tcx>>


Combine usefulnesses from two branches. This is an associative operation.

After calculating usefulness after a specialization, call this to reconstruct a usefulness that makes sense for the matrix pre-specialization. This new usefulness can then be merged with the results of specializing with the other constructors.

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