Struct rustc_mir::interpret::Allocation[][src]

pub struct Allocation<Tag = AllocId, Extra = ()> {
    bytes: Vec<u8, Global>,
    relocations: Relocations<Tag>,
    init_mask: InitMask,
    pub align: Align,
    pub mutability: Mutability,
    pub extra: Extra,
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This type represents an Allocation in the Miri/CTFE core engine.

Its public API is rather low-level, working directly with allocation offsets and a custom error type to account for the lack of an AllocId on this level. The Miri/CTFE core engine memory module provides higher-level access.


bytes: Vec<u8, Global>

The actual bytes of the allocation. Note that the bytes of a pointer represent the offset of the pointer.

relocations: Relocations<Tag>

Maps from byte addresses to extra data for each pointer. Only the first byte of a pointer is inserted into the map; i.e., every entry in this map applies to pointer_size consecutive bytes starting at the given offset.

init_mask: InitMask

Denotes which part of this allocation is initialized.

align: Align

The alignment of the allocation to detect unaligned reads. (Align guarantees that this is a power of two.)

mutability: Mutability

true if the allocation is mutable. Also used by codegen to determine if a static should be put into mutable memory, which happens for static mut and static with interior mutability.

extra: Extra

Extra state for the machine.

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The type returned in the event of a conversion error.

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