[][src]Trait rustc_mir::dataflow::lattice::MeetSemiLattice

pub trait MeetSemiLattice: Eq {
    pub fn meet(&mut self, other: &Self) -> bool;

A partially ordered set that has a greatest lower bound for any pair of elements in the set.

Dataflow analyses only require that their domains implement JoinSemiLattice, not MeetSemiLattice. However, types that will be used as dataflow domains should implement both so that they can be used with Dual.

Required methods

pub fn meet(&mut self, other: &Self) -> bool[src]

Computes the greatest lower bound of two elements, storing the result in self and returning true if self has changed.

The lattice meet operator is abbreviated as .

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Implementations on Foreign Types

impl MeetSemiLattice for bool[src]

impl<I: Idx, T: MeetSemiLattice> MeetSemiLattice for IndexVec<I, T>[src]

impl<T: Idx> MeetSemiLattice for BitSet<T>[src]

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impl<T: JoinSemiLattice> MeetSemiLattice for Dual<T>[src]

impl<T: Clone + Eq> MeetSemiLattice for FlatSet<T>[src]

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