[][src]Struct rustc_mir::dataflow::impls::MaybeLiveLocals

pub struct MaybeLiveLocals;

A live-variable dataflow analysis.

This analysis considers references as being used only at the point of the borrow. In other words, this analysis does not track uses because of references that already exist. See this mir-dataflow test for an example. You almost never want to use this analysis without also looking at the results of MaybeBorrowedLocals.


impl MaybeLiveLocals[src]

pub(in dataflow::impls::liveness) fn transfer_function<T, 'a>(
    trans: &'a mut T
) -> TransferFunction<'a, T>

Trait Implementations

impl<'tcx> AnalysisDomain<'tcx> for MaybeLiveLocals[src]

type Domain = BitSet<Local>

The type that holds the dataflow state at any given point in the program.

type Direction = Backward

The direction of this analysis. Either Forward or Backward.

impl<'tcx> GenKillAnalysis<'tcx> for MaybeLiveLocals[src]

type Idx = Local

impl<'tcx> RustcPeekAt<'tcx> for MaybeLiveLocals[src]

Auto Trait Implementations

impl RefUnwindSafe for MaybeLiveLocals

impl Send for MaybeLiveLocals

impl Sync for MaybeLiveLocals

impl Unpin for MaybeLiveLocals

impl UnwindSafe for MaybeLiveLocals

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