[][src]Trait rustc_mir::dataflow::framework::SwitchIntEdgeEffects

pub trait SwitchIntEdgeEffects<D> {
    pub fn apply(
        &mut self,
        apply_edge_effect: impl FnMut(&mut D, SwitchIntTarget)
    ); }

A type that records the edge-specific effects for a SwitchInt terminator.

Required methods

pub fn apply(&mut self, apply_edge_effect: impl FnMut(&mut D, SwitchIntTarget))[src]

Calls apply_edge_effect for each outgoing edge from a SwitchInt terminator and records the results.

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impl<D, F, '_> SwitchIntEdgeEffects<D> for SwitchIntEdgeEffectApplier<'_, D, F> where
    D: Clone,
    F: FnMut(BasicBlock, &D), 

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