Trait rustc_mir::dataflow::fmt::DebugWithContext[][src]

pub trait DebugWithContext<C>: Eq + Debug {
    fn fmt_with(&self, _ctxt: &C, f: &mut Formatter<'_>) -> Result { ... }
fn fmt_diff_with(
        old: &Self,
        ctxt: &C,
        f: &mut Formatter<'_>
    ) -> Result { ... } }

An extension to fmt::Debug for data that can be better printed with some auxiliary data C.

Provided methods

fn fmt_with(&self, _ctxt: &C, f: &mut Formatter<'_>) -> Result[src]

fn fmt_diff_with(&self, old: &Self, ctxt: &C, f: &mut Formatter<'_>) -> Result[src]

Print the difference between self and old.

This should print nothing if self == old.

+ and - are typically used to indicate differences. However, these characters are fairly common and may be needed to print a types representation. If using them to indicate a diff, prefix them with the “Unit Separator” control character (␟ U+001F).

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Implementations on Foreign Types

impl<T, C> DebugWithContext<C> for BitSet<T> where
    T: Idx + DebugWithContext<C>, 

impl<T, C> DebugWithContext<C> for &T where
    T: DebugWithContext<C>, 

impl<C> DebugWithContext<C> for Local[src]

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impl DebugWithContext<Borrows<'_, '_>> for BorrowIndex[src]

impl<'tcx, C> DebugWithContext<C> for MovePathIndex where
    C: HasMoveData<'tcx>, 

impl<C> DebugWithContext<C> for InitIndex[src]

impl<T, C> DebugWithContext<C> for Dual<T> where
    T: DebugWithContext<C>, 

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