Struct rustc_mir::borrow_check::region_infer::RegionDefinition[][src]

pub(crate) struct RegionDefinition<'tcx> {
    pub(super) origin: NllRegionVariableOrigin,
    pub(super) universe: UniverseIndex,
    pub(super) external_name: Option<Region<'tcx>>,


origin: NllRegionVariableOrigin

What kind of variable is this – a free region? existential variable? etc. (See the NllRegionVariableOrigin for more info.)

universe: UniverseIndex

Which universe is this region variable defined in? This is most often ty::UniverseIndex::ROOT, but when we encounter forall-quantifiers like for<'a> { 'a = 'b }, we would create the variable for 'a in a fresh universe that extends ROOT.

external_name: Option<Region<'tcx>>

If this is ’static or an early-bound region, then this is Some(X) where X is the name of the region.


impl<'tcx> RegionDefinition<'tcx>[src]

fn new(universe: UniverseIndex, rv_origin: RegionVariableOrigin) -> Self[src]

Auto Trait Implementations

impl<'tcx> RefUnwindSafe for RegionDefinition<'tcx>

impl<'tcx> Send for RegionDefinition<'tcx>

impl<'tcx> Sync for RegionDefinition<'tcx>

impl<'tcx> Unpin for RegionDefinition<'tcx>

impl<'tcx> UnwindSafe for RegionDefinition<'tcx>

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