Struct rustc_mir::borrow_check::constraints::OutlivesConstraintSet[][src]

pub(crate) struct OutlivesConstraintSet {
    outlives: IndexVec<OutlivesConstraintIndex, OutlivesConstraint>,

A set of NLL region constraints. These include “outlives” constraints of the form R1: R2. Each constraint is identified by a unique OutlivesConstraintIndex and you can index into the set (constraint_set[i]) to access the constraint details.


outlives: IndexVec<OutlivesConstraintIndex, OutlivesConstraint>


impl OutlivesConstraintSet[src]

pub(crate) fn push(&mut self, constraint: OutlivesConstraint)[src]

pub(crate) fn graph(&self, num_region_vars: usize) -> ConstraintGraph<Normal>[src]

Constructs a “normal” graph from the constraint set; the graph makes it easy to find the constraints affecting a particular region.

N.B., this graph contains a “frozen” view of the current constraints. Any new constraints added to the OutlivesConstraintSet after the graph is built will not be present in the graph.

pub(crate) fn reverse_graph(
    num_region_vars: usize
) -> ConstraintGraph<Reverse>

Like graph, but constraints a reverse graph where R1: R2 represents an edge R2 -> R1.

pub(crate) fn compute_sccs(
    constraint_graph: &ConstraintGraph<Normal>,
    static_region: RegionVid
) -> Sccs<RegionVid, ConstraintSccIndex>

Computes cycles (SCCs) in the graph of regions. In particular, find all regions R1, R2 such that R1: R2 and R2: R1 and group them into an SCC, and find the relationships between SCCs.

pub(crate) fn outlives(
) -> &IndexVec<OutlivesConstraintIndex, OutlivesConstraint>

Trait Implementations

impl Clone for OutlivesConstraintSet[src]

impl Default for OutlivesConstraintSet[src]

impl Index<OutlivesConstraintIndex> for OutlivesConstraintSet[src]

type Output = OutlivesConstraint

The returned type after indexing.

Auto Trait Implementations

impl RefUnwindSafe for OutlivesConstraintSet

impl !Send for OutlivesConstraintSet

impl !Sync for OutlivesConstraintSet

impl Unpin for OutlivesConstraintSet

impl UnwindSafe for OutlivesConstraintSet

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