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The unsupported_calling_conventions lint is output whenever there is a use of the stdcall, fastcall, thiscall, vectorcall calling conventions (or their unwind variants) on targets that cannot meaningfully be supported for the requested target.

For example stdcall does not make much sense for a x86_64 or, more apparently, powerpc code, because this calling convention was never specified for those targets.

Historically MSVC toolchains have fallen back to the regular C calling convention for targets other than x86, but Rust doesn’t really see a similar need to introduce a similar hack across many more targets.


extern "stdcall" fn stdcall() {}

This will produce:

warning: use of calling convention not supported on this target
  --> $DIR/
LL | extern "stdcall" fn stdcall() {}
   | ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
   = note: `#[warn(unsupported_calling_conventions)]` on by default
   = warning: this was previously accepted by the compiler but is being phased out;
              it will become a hard error in a future release!
   = note: for more information, see issue ...


On most of the targets the behaviour of stdcall and similar calling conventions is not defined at all, but was previously accepted due to a bug in the implementation of the compiler.