Static rustc_lint::unused::UNUSED_RESULTS

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pub static UNUSED_RESULTS: &Lint
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The unused_results lint checks for the unused result of an expression in a statement.


fn foo<T>() -> T { panic!() }

fn main() {



Ignoring the return value of a function may indicate a mistake. In cases were it is almost certain that the result should be used, it is recommended to annotate the function with the must_use attribute. Failure to use such a return value will trigger the unused_must_use lint which is warn-by-default. The unused_results lint is essentially the same, but triggers for all return values.

This lint is “allow” by default because it can be noisy, and may not be an actual problem. For example, calling the remove method of a Vec or HashMap returns the previous value, which you may not care about. Using this lint would require explicitly ignoring or discarding such values.